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Autosense International Inc. is a USA corporation based in the heart of Silicon Valley. Autosense has been a pioneer of drunken driving prevention, with driver safety electronic devices for vehicles like our Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIID).

Autosense International Inc. introduced the first-ever breathalyzer ignition interlock device legislation in 1986. With over 34 years in this industry and a proven record of helping thousands of participants mandated by the DUI program to regain their driver's license and privileges, Autosense has been getting drivers back on the roads safely and legally.

Our professional team of USA engineers and support are continuously supervising the best quality and functionality of our products, which are created, rigorously tested, and manufactured here in California. With the commitment to meet and exceed US-NHTSA specifications and the State's highest-required guidelines, Autosense International has been offering very reliable, accurate, feature-rich, easy to use, cloud-connected, and user-friendly devices. The features offered by Autosense from day one have yet to be matched by the competition.


We also assist our business partners in distributing our technology and establishing additional sources of income and benefits.  


Autosense International Inc. provides our customers with driver safety electronic devices, backed by a wealth of manufacturing process engineering resources. We can surely develop well-suited Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices made in the USA for your company. Our objective has been to develop outstanding alcohol ignition interlock breathalyzers for the international markets.

The driver safety electronic devices prohibit the operation of a motor vehicle in the case that the driver’s test result is higher than the maximum state-allowed Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC) limit. The device forces the driver to pass a BrAC test prior to starting the vehicle and during the operation of the vehicle, i.e. rolling retests. Rolling retests can be configured to be issued periodically or randomly as mandated by your state or country.

Rigorously tested with the highest US- NHTSA standards in mind, smaller than a cell phone, data download to PC, non-human breath detection, tampering & bypass detection, powered by one button, easy to use with a simple straight blow for less than 5 seconds, convenient, reliable, accurate, alcohol-specific, discreet, lightweight, beeper and light alerts. Additional features include GPS capabilities, camera, Wi-Fi, car horn and light alerts and more, quick and simple to complete the whole test­; it will take less than one minute.



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